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Digital media are awesome! Basicaly Every business can fit, shape and get its MESSAGE across to targeted audience. Some audiences, like Polish immigrants, are responsive to your message when it is placed next to a good quality Polish content. We’ve identified best performing media that can drive high quality traffic that may become a new, sustainable revenue stream. Here’s why we think online advertising to Polish expats makes sense…

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Your offer in front of a whole lot of Polish people

Do you want to get your message across to nearly million of Poles living in the UK? Or in Belgium? Wherever they are based we can place your story/product/service on screens of devices used by Polish immigrants. We know everything about their online media habits…

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Polish digital marketing hub

We have vast practical knowledge about marketing and advertising to Polish immigrants residing in the UK. That audience can be converted into a sustainable revenue stream because Poles are predisposed to many products and services like: international calling, legal advice, foreign money transfer, credit cards and buying a property.

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Bloody Foreigners

Polish immigration to the UK and old EU

According to Census 2011 there are 580,000 Polish people living in England and Wales only with Polish language being 2nd most widely spoken. If we add Scotland and those who didn’t filled out Census surveys we can estimate there are at least 850,000 Poles living, working and spending their money in the United Kingdom.

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The Internet is the strongest performer in effective advertising to that audience.

We have 5 years experience in executing online advertising campaigns targeting Polish people.
Polish community visit Poland’s most popular websites on regular basis. Due to language and cultural barriers Poles tend to consume Polish content! For example: Poland’s No 1 web portal has more than 1,000,000 unique users in the UK each month and more than 189,000 each day!

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